Quality Policy

1. Introduction

D P & L TRAVEL operate a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, the scope of the system covers business travel activities.

2. Quality Policy

The Quality Manager has established a quality policy statement appropriate to the needs of the organisation and its customers, which includes their commitment to continual improvement. The statement is reviewed for continuing suitability and is communicated, understood and implemented throughout the organisation.

Policy Statement

DP&L Travel’s main objective is to be the lead company of choice in the provision of travel related services to all existing accounts and any new prospective accounts.

In pursuance of the above DP&L Travel will strive to provide a high level of customer satisfaction through the delivery of a reliable, high-quality cost-effective service.

In addition, DP&L Travel is committed to the continual improvement of its performance monitoring the quality of its products and services through interaction with its customers, suppliers, regulatory authorities and the wider community.

The effectiveness of this monitoring is itself managed within a system designed to meet the standards of ISO 9001:2015

The Quality Policy will be made available on request and is also shown on the DP&L Travel Management website.


The quality objectives have been established and recorded at the Management Review Meeting and directly support the above Quality Policy Statement which is reviewed at the meeting.

3. Quality Management System

The Quality Management System within the Company has been designed to cover the requirements of ISO9001: 2015 with the following reductions in scope:

The provision and management of all aspects of Business Travel:

  • Clause 8.3, Design and Development
    The Company sells a standard range of services with the client specifying individual details. Consequently, there is no design element within the services provided, and this clause of ISO9001: 2015 has not been addressed.
  • Clause 7.1.5, Monitoring & Measuring Resources
    The Company does not maintain any measuring or monitoring equipment used in relation to the services provided. This clause of ISO9001: 2015 is therefore not applicable and has not been addressed within the Quality Management System

The documented Quality Management System is constructed in two parts as follows:

  • Quality Manual – This document provides an overview of how the Company meets the requirements of ISO9001: 2015 and contains reference to the various procedures which define how the activities of the Company are controlled and managed.
  • Quality System Procedures/Flow Diagrams – These procedures/flow diagrams describe the activities required to implement and maintain the Quality Management System.

The interrelation of the various processes of the Quality Management System is represented at Appendix A of this document.

Documented procedures related to this section of ISO9001: 2015 are as follows:

  • QP4.1 Control of Documents
  • QP4.2 Control of Records

4. Management Responsibility

The Quality Manager is the “Management Representative”, who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Quality System. The Quality Manager has full authority for the implementation, enforcement and maintenance of the requirements defined in this manual and the associated procedures.

Regular reviews are held in conjunction with the Management Review Team in order to ensure that the Quality Management System is operating effectively and is continuing to improve the service levels provided by the Company.

Documented procedures related to this section of ISO9001: 2015 are as follows:

  • QP5.1 Management Review Meeting

5. Resource Management

The Quality Manager keeps up to date with modern business techniques and maintains records of skills, experience and training of all staff. Job Descriptions have been drawn up and key competencies established. The effectiveness of training is evaluated. He has direct responsibility to maintain a proper infrastructure and work environment. With added information systems to enhance and address working conditions, e.g. temperature, lighting and noise.

  • QP6.1 Training

6. Service Delivery

Formally controlled processes are in place to enable the Company to successfully deliver the full range of services expected of a high quality and progressive Company. The documentation controlling these processes includes procedures/flow diagrams and standard forms prepared internally along with external standards and regulations where applicable.

Documented procedures related to this section of ISO9001: 2015 are as follows:

  • QP7.1 Account Management
  • QP7.2 Bookings

7. Measurement, Analysis & Improvement

The Company is committed to the principle of continual improvement in all aspects of its services, and has established processes which provide for the measurement, monitoring and analysis of services against customer requirements. The company measure customer satisfaction and ensure that performance indicators in line with the Policy and Objectives have been established and are regularly reviewed by the Quality Manager.

Documented procedures related to this section of ISO9001: 2015 are as follows:

  • QP8.1 Internal Quality Audits
  • QP8.2 Monitoring, Measurement and Analysis of Information