Travel Industry News 20th Feb 2023

New DLR trains unveiled, serving London City Airport and the rest of the network from 2024

54 new trains have been ordered from a Spanish manufacturer, and the first has just arrived in the UK. 33 of the new trains will be direct replacements for existing ones, whilst the additional 21 will be used to increase frequencies.  Whilst the trains are now arriving in the UK, a substantial testing period means that you will not be able to ride one until early next year. The full roll-out will be complete in 2026.  The trains will be walk-through, which means that there will no longer be any forward facing seating except at the very front and back. The ‘walk through’ design will lead to seating capacity increasing by 10%.  There will be three ‘multi use’ areas to increase space for people with mobility impairments

Inverness Airport railway station opens

Inverness Airport inaugurated its new railway station on 3rd February.  It sits on the Inverness to Aberdeen line, close to the site of the former Dalcross station. The project involved the construction of a new 950-metre passing loop, the renewal of seven kilometers of track and the installation of a new signalling system.

Rail-air success for Lufthansa and Deutsche Bahn at Frankfurt

Lufthansa and Deutsche Bahn (Germany’s national rail operator) have increased air-rail services to and from Frankfurt airport by 25 per cent since 2019, which in turn has created more possibilities for travellers.  The expansion is designed to meet increased demand. It also takes the pressure off Frankfurt airport, one of the busiest in Europe. How can rail-air assist Frankfurt? Simply because if sufficient short journey travellers were to take the train to the airport it would enable airlines to operate fewer feeder flights, which in turn frees up airport capacity.  Rail-air growth to Frankfurt has been helped by Deutsche Bahn’s membership of Star Alliance.


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