Travel Industry News 29th May 2023

Elizabeth Line journey times to Heathrow cut but T5 loses Canary Wharf services

For the first time, trains are running on all branches throughout the entire line.  This means that services from Shenfield now continue onto the Western branch instead of terminating at Paddington.

Two trains per hour from Shenfield  and will now run semi-fast between Paddington and Heathrow T2/3 and T5. Apart from these two fast hourly services, two slower Elizabeth Lines trains will continue to serve all stations between Paddington and Terminals 2/3 and Terminal 4.  The downside is that there are no longer direct services between Canary Wharf and Terminal 5 except for some early morning and late evening services.  Trains to the airport on the Canary Wharf branch will now terminate at Terminal 4.

Dublin airport proposes low emissions airline discount

Dublin Airport Authority (daa) has announced proposals to incentivise airlines to operate the most fuel-efficient aircraft at the Irish hub.

The plans would see a 25 per cent discount on all runway charges offered to “all airlines that operate the most environmentally friendly aircraft at all times of the day”.  The authority said it would consult with airlines over the inventive, as part of the next phase of its environmental charging strategy.  Last year the airport began applying higher charges for noisier aircraft at night.

The daa said that multi-million Euro discounts for airlines operating fuel-efficient aircraft “are expected to go live within the next six months”.  The authority said that the “ground-breaking incentives” follow the airport being awarded carbon neutral status in 2021.

Birmingham airport reconfigures queuing areas during construction of new security hall

Birmingham airport (BHX) has provided an update on its £40 million project to create a new security hall.  The new facility is scheduled to come online in June 2024, and while construction takes place there is reduced space for queuing on the upper floor of the terminal building.

BHX said that “more changes to walking routes will take place throughout this year as the terminal is reconfigured to accommodate its state-of-the-art security screening area”.


Travel news as a glance:

Lufthansa Group to purchase 41 per cent stake in ITA Airways.

Qatar Airways resumes flights to Bahrain.

British Airways adds five new Avios-Only flights.

Turkish Airlines launches new inflight menus.

Air Canada strikes codeshare with flydubai.

Finnair to lease two A330s with new business class seats to Qantas.

Air New Zealand rolls out new Maori skincare amenity kits.