Travel Industry News 7th March 2023

Schiphol’s passenger cap extended until September 2024

Over the year’s Amsterdam Schiphol airport has won many awards – indeed as recently as 2021 it was voted Best Airport in Europe by the readers of Business Traveller.  But since May 2022 Schiphol has experienced a myriad of problems. Recently reported, was that the airport continued to face staff shortages which could mean the current cap (scheduled to expire end March 2023) could be extended for months but this week, Schiphol is being asked to cap passenger numbers through until September 2024.

This latest reduction is more to do with environmental concerns rather than staff shortages. For its part home airline KLM is doing its best to encourage travellers to arrive by surface transport rather than one of its short feeder flights. Schiphol itself welcomes this move and together with NS (Dutch Rail) and KLM it has been working on rail-air initiatives.

Millions of pounds worth of unclaimed travel vouchers held by airlines

Passengers are yet to claim hundreds of millions of pounds’ worth of vouchers for cancelled flights during the pandemic.  At the height of the Covid-19 crisis, airlines opted to provide vouchers which could be used for future trips rather than cash refunds for disrupted flights – a move which caused controversy amongst passengers.

In November 2021, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) called on travellers to redeem vouchers received during the Covid-19 pandemic before the expiry of the financial protection. At the time, the unspent refund credit notes totaled £131.7 million.

EU postpones launch of ETIAS system until 2024

The European Union has once again postponed the launch of the ETIAS.  The European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) is a visa waiver for travellers from ‘third countries’ wanting to enter Europe’s Schengen Area. This will apply to non-EU nationals from visa-exempt countries travelling to the EU for short-term stays. No official reason has been given for the delay.

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