UK residents: will you be travelling to Europe after Brexit in 2021?

The Brexit transition period is coming to an end, meaning rules on travelling to and from European Union (EU) countries will change on January 1, 2021. The special relationship between the UK and EU will end – and many fear that Brits will be barred from entering the EU in the new year as the country’s coronavirus cases continue to climb. Only eight countries outside of the EU, including Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, are on a list of ‘safe’ nations, whose citizens can visit the bloc for non-essential reasons. So, will British holidays to Europe in January be cancelled, or will the UK be added to the ‘safe’ list?

As things stand, it does not look like the UK will stay on the EU’s list of ‘safe’ nations. Officials in Brussels say they have no plans to add it to this list in the new year.
This means that non-essential travel to Europe may not be allowed until further notice. Individuals can still enter the bloc in certain cases, mainly for work – including aid workers, care workers, diplomats, healthcare professionals, military personnel, seasonal farm workers and transport workers. Entry for study, transit, and urgent family reasons is also permitted.